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Lindström Textile Services (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.是一家从事BOB体育在线登录 整体外包服 务,具备国际领先水平并拥有超过170年历史的芬兰跨国公司。

bob竞彩下载ios 自2006年入驻中国,bob竞彩下载ios 在上海、苏州、北京、天津、广州、成都拥有七家工厂,在制药 与医疗、食品、电子、化工、汽车和机械制造等行业,我们服务全国1000多家客户。未来,还将在武 汉等地建立新工厂,服务可覆盖全国主要一、二线 城市。

bob竞彩下载ios 的BOB体育在线登录 (包含洁净服)整体外包服务涵盖 了:BOB体育在线登录 设计、生产、试穿、清洗、维护、递送、库存管理、更衣柜服务等。让您的管理更简单,让员工的工作更舒心。

bob竞彩下载ios 在中国的工厂传承了北欧企业严谨的管 理作风。我们严格控制所有的服务流程和清洗工艺,采用高温清洗消毒、环保的高规格洗涤剂,服质量有保证。并获得了ISO9001、ISO14001及欧盟EN14065认证。

Linstrong accelerates the future growth of the Asian market by acquiring the China business of Cindas, the world's largest textile services company

芬兰跨国纺织品服务集团bob竞彩下载ios 将收购信达思在中国的全部业务和人员,以支持实现2025年在亚洲的愿景。新公司将在中国快速增长的市场中成为BOB体育在线登录 租赁及洁净室业务的领军企业。此次收购还将扩大bob竞彩下载ios 业务在中国市场的地理覆盖范围,并将服务组合扩展到新的服务线。

2025 Group Strategy

Group Strategy 2025

We are full of enthusiasm and improve ourselves

We Have Passion to Improve

The reason why Lindström has become a leading textile service company is that we are passionate and dedicated to our jobs, making progress and developing together with the company.

Our convenient service and sustainable development solutions escort our customers and our employees with an excellent experience.

We cross countries, cross departments, and cooperate sincerely.

We care about our planet

We Care for the Planet

Lindström is recognized by the industry and leads the development of circular economy.

Our solutions enable customers to develop more sustainably. We will further develop our services and solutions to achieve 100% recycling rate of textiles.

We are the ideal partner

We are a Desired Partner

Lindström will accompany customers on the road to success.

Lindström will accompany customers on the road to success.

We thrive

We are Getting Stronger

We want to achieve the best organic growth in the industry. We understand our customers and their specific needs.

When developing our services, we focused on six major industries: property management, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, hotels and restaurants, and retail.

Our purpose

Lindström Purpose



Our Mission

We are a textile service company dedicated to making our customers' daily work easier. Every day, we work hard to enhance the image of our customers.


Our Vision

With enthusiasm and people-oriented, we are willing to be the leader, through convenient textile services, to enable our customers to develop more sustainable