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Food Industry

Hygienic and comfortable food work clothes are an important factor in the efficient operation of the food industry

Lady M

Lady M (Cake Queen), From the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, United States, known as the best cake brand in New York, and the cake shop with the most people in the United States.INSThe hottest celebrity afternoon tea was published by the American magazine "BON APPE…

Liao Kee Bang Bang Chicken

20century90Since the ages, in the streets and alleys of Chengdu, the shop sign with the white font and red on the bottom of "Liao Ji Bang Bang Chicken" is very eye-catching. It has become a familiar landscape for Chengdu people, and the real Liao Ji Bang Bang...


Yakult, Yakult, Japanese brand. Transliterated as "Yakult" and "Yakult", the name is taken from Esperanto "Jahurto", which means yogurt. Yakult bred by a doctor of medicine...

Jule Group

Sichuan Jule Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1985, with a registered capital of 25,117,207 million yuan, total assets of 360 million yuan, and more than 1,150 employees. There are three production plants and one ecological dairy farm...


Vitasoy (English: Vitasoy) has been a well-known beverage brand in Hong Kong, China since 1940. The soy milk beverage has been produced in Hong Kong, China since 1940. The production plants are now all over China...

Electronics and chemical industry

Standard work clothes allow you to focus on your core business with peace of mind

Dow Chemical

The Dow Chemical Group of the United States is a leading diversified chemical company in the world. The company applies the principle of sustainability to chemistry and innovation, and is committed to solving many challenges in the world today, such as meeting clean water...


Allenta's production plants are all over the world, and it is committed to providing local services to customers all over the world. The Elentas Group has 7 companies and 12 production bases around the world, among them, Tongling and Zhuhai in China...


Honeycomb Energy, a rookie of China's power battery, a representative enterprise of high-end new power in China's power battery, and a battery expert who knows the most about automobiles, took the lead in the deployment of quaternary lithium batteries and completed...

Machinery Manufacturing Industry

According to occupational safety requirements, provide customers with work clothes and due protection

Continental Motors

Founded in Hannover, Germany, it is one of the world's leading auto parts suppliers. Continental is committed to creating a safer, more comfortable and greener driving experience.


Alfa Laval, from Sweden, the world's leading expert in heat exchange, separation and fluid technology, occupies the world's leading market position in the field of business, known as

Pharmaceutical Industry

Provide customers with flexible clean clothing services and help customers achieve GMP standards

Immanuel Kant

As a global leading open capability and technology platform company for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device R & D, Wuxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provides innovative pharmaceutical R & D services for global customers. The company was established in2000...

Huarui Pharmaceutical

Fresenius Kabi Huarui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first joint venture between China and Sweden.1982Sign a joint venture contract in the year,1987Commenced commercial production in 2012 with registered capital2790...