Lindström resumes work ahead of schedule to help pharmaceutical companies clean clothes
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Lindström resumes work ahead of schedule to help pharmaceutical companies clean clothes

Lindstrom Back To Work Ahead Of Schedule To Support Pharmaceutical Enterprises With Cleanroom Service

近日,新型冠状病毒肆虐,面对新型肺炎疫情,国内各大医药企业加大研发与生产工作,全力投入抗击疫情的战斗中。在医药企业生产过程中,工作人员都须穿着洁净服以确保生产安全,而洁净服的清洗工作与管理也是安全生产重要部分,随着特殊时期生产强度的提升,洁净服清洗工作也面临着考验。bob竞彩下载ios 作为药企洁净服清洗与管理的合作伙伴,也在第一时间向政府有关部门申请提前复工、投入到抗击疫情的配合工作中去。

Recently, China is suffering from the New Coronavirus, lots of pharmaceutical enterprises have increased development and production work, fully committed to the fight against the epidemic. In the production process of pharmaceutical enterprises, staff must wear clean clothes to ensure production safety, and clean clothes cleaning work and management is also an important part of safety production, with the increase of production intensity in this special period, clean clothes cleaning work is also a challenge. Lindstrom China, as the partner of cleaning and management of clean clothes for pharmaceutical enterprises, applied to the relevant government departments to start work ahead of schedule immediately to fight against the epidemic.

从2020年1月28日到1月30日,bob竞彩下载ios 接到数十家医药企业订单,bob竞彩下载ios 上海已有10名员工提前复工,他们中有的是留在上海过年的、也有从江浙一带提前赶回上海投入工作的,大家都干劲十足、加足马力生产。

From Jan.28 to Jan.30, 2020, Lindstrom received orders from dozens of pharmaceutical enterprises, Lindstrom Shanghai has 10 employees to resume work ahead of schedule, some of them stay in Shanghai for the CNY, some back to Shanghai from other areas, they are all full of energy.

bob竞彩下载ios 总经理於斌在接受上海市嘉定区融媒体采访时,针对洁净服清洗的重要性解释到:“药物的质量与生产时的安全系数紧密相关。倘若一些药物在制造环节受到了颗粒污泥类、细块物或其他环境污染,将使药物使用者发生意外而造成危害,因此洁净服的清洁程度和药品质量休戚相关、容不得半点马虎。”

“The quality of drugs is closely related to the production safety.” said by Bill Yu, he explained about the importance of cleaning clothes in an interview from Shanghai Jiading Media. “If some drugs are contaminated with granular sludge, fine particles or other environmental contaminants in the manufacturing process, it will cause accidents and harm to users. Therefore, we should pay our attention to this.”

他还进一步说明道:“bob竞彩下载ios 的洗涤工作并非单一的清洗一项,而且一整套有条理有秩序的整体管理流程,从来料分拣、清洗、烘干、折叠、密封,到检验、打包、递送,整个作业流程过程中的所有工作人员和生产设备都在高等级洁净室的空间条件下完成,确保达到标准。” bob竞彩下载ios 洁净室的主要操作设备包括数台凯尼基莎、乐室等品牌的隔离室水洗机、ADC及百瑞品牌的自带高效过滤器烘干机和洁净室包装机,清洗完的服装将经过设备检测进行终端灭菌,并贴上相应数据标签送至药企,确保安全环保。

Bill also said: “Lindstrom cleanroom service is not a single cleaning process, but a set of organized full management process service, including sorting, cleaning, drying, folding, sealing, detecting, packaging, delivery, all of the staff and equipment should work in high grade cleanroom to ensure the standard. Our cleanroom own advanced equipment to ensure production safety and environmental protection.

疫情就是命令、防控就是责任。在医药企业争分夺秒的同时、bob竞彩下载ios 愿做坚实的后盾,为抗击疫情助力!
We will make our efforts to support customers and combat the new coronavirus together.

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