sustainable development


Lindström is a European leader in the textile service industry with a history of more than 170 years. We provide overall service solutions such as work clothes rental, work clothes cleaning, and clean room services.

For our textile service company, sustainable development is based on our daily choices. These decisions can be big or small, but they all aim at conserving the earth's resources and treating humans well.

The world is full of challenges. We can make an impact through sustainable innovation, the promotion of a circular economy, the promotion of true partnerships and mutual care. Use these subtleties to influence our customers, so that customers can also make sustainable choices

For Lindstrom,protecting the earth means rational use of natural resources to support customers and at the same time meet environmental goals, and become a responsible service provider.

Lindström purchases more than 4,000 tons of textiles worldwide and processes 1,600 tons of textiles every year.

The excessive growth of textile waste is a global challenge that must be resolved.
Extend the service life of textiles through cleaning process, long-term repair and maintenance;
Give new life to old textiles through sustainable technology.

We hope to make more contributions to protecting the planet. In the future, our focus will be to further develop our sustainability and sourcing strategies, and to carefully study the environmental impact of our supply chain. Set new targets to increase the recycling of textiles and reduce waste during operation. Continuously develop and find solutions for circular economy business models.

For more details, please read our latest sustainability report